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Welcome to our winter school

If you are 16 years old or older, if you are studying Russian language or if you want to start learning it, welcome to our Russian Language Winter School.

09 november 2018

Science Festival at the MSU

Annual National Science Festival took place on 12-14th of October at the MSU. The main venues for the festival were MSU Main Library Building and Shuvalov Building.

25 october 2018

A trip to Nizhny Novgorod

On 13 and 14 of October our students visited old Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod with their teachers.

23 october 2018

FOR APPLICANTS! Information about the arrival deadlines

Institute of Russian language and culture MSU asks the students, who arrive in Russia with the invitation of the institute, to come to Russia not later than 10 days before the visa expiry date.

02 october 2018

Meeting the delegation from Sichuan University of Foreign Languages

Sichuan University of Foreign Languages has been our psrtner for 10 years already. On the 25 of September a delegation from one of the leading universities of China visited IRLC.

27 september 2018

IRLC meets the delegation from Shandong province, China

On the 20th of September 2018 the delegation from Jining city of Shandong province visited IRLC.

25 september 2018

Visiting the house of Lev Tolstoy in Khamovniki

On the 14th of September the students from groups 8 and 20 went on excursion to the Tolstoy’s house in Khamovniki.

18 september 2018

Hello, Sakhalin-2018!

This year the program "Hello, Sakhalin!" included Russian language course for Japanese students, Russian-Japanese Seminar ‘Face to Face: how to understand each other’ and a meeting dedicated to teaching Korean and other Oriental languages.

16 september 2018

The Institute of Russian Language and Culture is no longer accepting applications for the Pre-university programme

The Institute of Russian Language and Culture is no longer accepting applications for the Pre-university programme for the 2018-2019 school year due to the large number of applicants this year.

25 july 2018

Seoul University delegation at the IRLC

On June, 7 a delegation from the Language Education Institute of Seoul National University (LEI SNU) visited IRLC. The delegation included Executive Director of LEI SNU Kwon Heokseung, Chief Head of Korean Education Center Choi Eun Kyu and Head of International Affairs Hahm Changdeok.

14 june 2018

IRLC representative visits the Festival of Russian culture in Seoul

The Institute of Russian Language and Culture and Cultural Educational Center "Pushkin house" have been good partners for many years. Recently we've added one more project to our list of common projects.

14 june 2018

Dear students!!!

From May 25 to July 25. 2018 the order of registration will be different!

25 april 2018