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Pre-University Programme

This programme is designed for those who wish to enter one of the faculties at the MSU or to prepare themselves for undergraduate or postgraduate studies. The programme includes:

  • General Russian Language course;
  • Russian for Academic Purposes course;
  • Courses for subjects in the humanities and sciences.

Class sizes are kept small. Groups consist of no more than 10 students in the Russian language classes and no more than 20 students in the classes in other subjects. Academic curriculum includes lessons five days a week, 6-8 academic hours per day. The course could be one academic year (two semesters) or one and a half academic years (three semesters). At the end of academic year the students take exams in Russian and subjects of their specialization. After passing the course examinations, students receive corresponding certificates. These allow them to enroll in one of the main faculties of the MSU according to their specialization.

2018-2019 academic year

One-year programme:

  • Duration of study: October 2018 – July 2019.
  • Start date: September – October.
  • Exams: June 2019.
  • Tuition: $5350.
  • Payments should be made as follows:
    $3550 - October 2018;
    $1800 - February 2019.

Expanded programme:

  • Duration of study: March 2019 – July 2020.
  • Holidays: July – August 2019.
  • Start date: 01 March – 30 March 2019.
  • Exams: June 2020.
  • Tuition: $7000.
  • Payments should be made as follows:
    $5200 - March 2019;
    $1800 - February 2020.