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Students of the IRLC visited Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics

 07 january 2017

Professors at the IRLC communicate with students not only during the classes because it is very important to be able to use Russian not only during the lesson but also in day-to-day situation. Our professors are also mentors. One of the best professors of the IRLC Elena Suvorkina took her group on the excursion to the Museum of Cosmonautics and she wrote a small note about this experience.

Excursion to the Museum of Cosmonautics

The most important event in space research happened on 4 October 1957: first atrificial sputnik PS-1 was launched. By launching it the Soviet Union started the era of a human in space. Soon enough everyone in the world got to know the name of Yuriy Gagarin, the first man to go into space on 12 April 1961. On this date today the world celebrates the International Cosmonautics Day.

We can say that the Earth is a big spaceship that flies around the Sun with the speed of 30 km/s. Space is the place where we all live and investigating this area is the task that humanity can accomplish with joint effort.

Students from Japan, China, Pakistan and Turkey, who study Russian language at the IRLC MSU, decided to find out how the investigation of space started and how the cosmonauts from Russia and other countires live at the International Space Station. They enjoyed the trip to the Museum of Cosmonautics very much. Besides they visited the memorial museum of the main constructor who managed the first space flights, S.P.Korolyov.