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During 69 years of existence of the IRLC (as Pre-university Department for foreign students, Lomonosov Moscow State University Centre for International Education and Lomonosov Moscow State University Institute of Russian Language and Culture), it has accumulated vast practical experience and gained a solid reputation on the world market of educational services.

 Educational institutions (schools and universities):

 — People’s Republic of China

— Wuhan No. 14 Middle School

— Jiaozuo No. 3 Middle School «Beiqing»

— Jinan School of Foreign Languages

— Harbin No. 6 Middle School

— Sichuan International Studies University

— Zhengzhou University, Russian Language Centre

— Heilongjiang University

— Central China Normal University

— Shaanxi Normal University, Institute of Foreign Languages

— Beijing Foreign Studies University

— Tamkang University (Taiwan)

 Republic of Korea

— Kyung Hee University, Faculty of Russian Language and Literature

— Russian Cultural and Educational Centre «Pushkin House»

— Kyungpook National University, Institute of Humanities

— Daejeon University

— Incheon National University, Faculty of Northeast Asia Region Study


— Hokkaido University, Institute of Global Cooperation

— Kobe City University of Foreign Studies

— Kobe University, Faculty of Global Human Sciences

— Hiroshima University, Language Centre

— Osaka University, Faculty of Foreign Languages

Great Britain

— University of Leeds, School of Languages, Cultures and Societies


— TOBB Economics and Technology University


Companies, Centres and Associations
People’s Republic of China

— International Eastern Centre for Educational Exchange

— International Education and Technology Company «CPE»

— Beijing «Jin Jile» Company

— «Huangjia» Company

— «Luxun-Renwen» Company

— «VICTOR» Company

— International Education and Training Agency «Fangzhou»

— Recruiting and Support for Foreign Students Centre «Boyan»

— Beijing Company for International Cultural Exchange «Jingjie»

— Henan Study Abroad Consulting Company «Dinley United»

— Beijing International Technology Education Centre

— Beijing Centre for Cultural Exchange «Jinyadi»

— Hangzhou «Zhoui» Company

— International Centre for Cultural Exchange «Hanlin»

— Xi`an Katyusha Study Abroad Service Co., Ltd

— «Educational Consulting Simai» Company

— Beijing International Exchange Association

— «Consulting Services for Education Abroad Beijing-Taoshan» Company

— «Haojia Cultural Development» Company

— Overseas Education Consultancy «Veika»

— Shenyang Educational Services Abroad «Shida Jiacheng» Company

 Republic of Korea

— «GazhaRussia Info Centre» Company


— Society of Russian-Japanese Ties

— «JIC» Company


— Embassy of India in Russia