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Accommodation and terms of study

Students of the Institute of Russian Language and Culture live in different MSU dormitories. The Institute only provides a place in a dormitory during your period of study. Which dormitory you are assigned depends on the availability at the time of your arrival. Accommodation is not included in tuition costs and should be paid in cash in Moscow (upon signing a contract of accommodation with the MSU Dormitory Office).

Accommodation costs up to $300 per month per person. Accommodation costs can vary throughout the academic year. All payments in Russia are made in Russian rubles according to the current exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia.

The IRLC provides tuition in Russian in accordance with course of study and study programmes depending on the chosen subjects, goals, and forms of study as stated in the student's contract. Study groups are formed by the IRLC administration according to the educational needs and the syllabi and can be reformed at any time if required.

The IRLC gives an opportunity to the students to purchase required study materials, including audio and video materials. Also the students can use the library, audio collections, video- and computer classes of the Institute.

After signing the contract the student receives a student card which verifies his/her status in Russia and gives the right to visit all buildings of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, including the MSU library.

Students are expected to attend classes, complete academic assignments, observe the University rules and regulations.

All payments in Russia  are made in rubles in accordance with the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

The IRLC is not responsible for students' failure to attend classes and has no obligation to make up for any missed classes. There will be no classes on the days of Russian public holidays that coincide with teaching days.

Those students who successfully complete their course of study receive a certificate to that effect from the IRLC.

The IRLC reserves the right to expel any student who

  • is in breach of the laws of the Russian Federation,
  • is found unfit to study for medical or other reasons,
  • has failed to meet the terms of the contract, or has behaved in a prejudicial manner adverse to the running of the IRLC.