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Enrollment and terms of payment

Upon arrival at the IRLC applicants are required to submit the following documents:

  • a passport with an entrance visa or a stamp of registration in Russia;
  • a certificate confirming that an applicant has no HIV virus or AIDS desease;
  • a certificate confirming that an applicant has a medical insurance valid in Russia;
  • 4 passport size matte photos.

Applicants who have applied for Pre-University Programme should also submit the following documents:

  • an education certificate or diploma legalized in their home country accompanied by a complete record of academic performance relevant to their proposed level and field of studies and a copy of these documents certified by a notary;
  • an additional medical certificate from a Russian clinic;
  • a notarized letter from both parents or their legal guardian with a notarized translation (for those students who will be under 18 at the time of arrival in Moscow)/

All applicants must sign a contract with the IRLC.

Admission to the IRLC for any course can only be granted to an applicant with a signed contract, the required documents from previous educational institutions, a receipt confirming the settlement of all fees due and a passport registered by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Tuition fees should be paid in advance before the course starts or within one week after the contract is signed.

Money can be transferred to account indicated by the IRLC or paid in cash to the bank in Moscow. All bank charges and other operational expenses such as currency exchange commissions or cheque encashment, etc., are borne by the payer.

The cost of the medical insurance for 12 months is around $ 200.